Super Graphic Novels & Bean Bags

We try and listen to our kiddos, staff, & parents as much as possible to make this the best darn school library EVAH!  So, when Lord Sid (one of our AWESOME teachers) asked if we had a very popular graphic novel called Superman Red Son by Mark Millar, and we didn’t and NO ONE DID in the whole county – we were on a mission!

Of course, I had to take to my amazing PLN (Personal Learning Network) on the Twitters asking:

What I got back was amazing! So many suggestions & votes of YES!  from even those who don’t follow me!

We have the book now and we also got his popular Wolverine one, too!  W00t!

Another thing I wanted to have for our kiddos, Bean Bag Chairs! We have this little nook that some of my favourite readers like to curl up in with a book on the floor but a bean bag chair makes it perfect. Check out Pooh’s Reading Corner below. (Pooh costume not supplied – It’s a BYOPC nook!)

Sure, the library has been closed a LOT for testing this year – it’s a nationwide challenge, but when our kiddos get here – we’ve got the books & the comfy chairs to welcome them! Drop on by!

Big Joe Bean Bag Chairs in Spicy Lime available on for $39.99!


2 thoughts on “Super Graphic Novels & Bean Bags

  • November 23, 2015 at 6:55 pm

    Love your bean bag chairs! How are they working out? Are the seams holding up? Do you have students fighting over them? Do you find them moved all over the library? I’d like to get some for my library too, but these issues worry me.

  • December 14, 2015 at 9:16 am

    Hi Sue!
    Thanks for your comment! The seams are holding up great! And yes, the kids move them all around, usually close to our charging station. If any kids fight over them, that’s easy – those that are fussing don’t get to sit in them! 🙂 I’m a kill joy that way, simple classroom management. LOL Sometimes I have to pick them up (they have a handle & are super light weight) and shake them out again to redistribute the “filer beans” but so far they’re really sturdy & much loved. I only got 3 and that’s seems like the right number for now.

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