Resources for our #MHTVNews Producers & Staff.

MHTV National News Resources

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Producers: We only play the Week in Rap on the first day of the week (Monday usually, unless there’s a holiday) See below for script template!
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PBS/ MPT Holiday Videos – Organized by Season!

Smithsonian Videos
Google News
Global, National, Sports, Entertainment, & Technology News

Hey MHMS Kids! It’s MHTV Application Time! Pick one up in the Cafeteria at lunch  (see above) return it to Media (there will be a box on a chair) OR… super cool & fill out the GSuite Doc Application below! (HINT: Use your password from last year!) We’d love to have you join us — esp. 6th graders!

MHTV Application: GSuite Version 

Visitors & Kids: Please scroll to the very bottom to find our Producer Checklist. Thank you!

Welcome to our MHTV Studio at Murray Hill Middle School in Laurel, Maryland. This resource is for our student crew members, executive producers, and teachers & staff of MHMS. But, we’re also happy to help other school TV studios working with kiddos to create a transliteracy rich product!” Questions? Please read this News@School – Live! blog post and then contact @GwynethJones or @DunbarMarkJ

Producers & Head Techs: Creating our show starts with these steps – please do them in order: Weather script & graphic, Music for today, National News, Load any show videos & have ready, Check Local News desk & bin – RECYCLE old news, & practice, practice, practice OUT LOUD.

MHTV Weather News Links

Procedure: Get our current temps, grab the 7 day forecast map from WBAL11 News (link below), if not working try Channel 2 News – save 7 Day forecast map to Show Day PPT. Write Script. Print script & place on Weather Desk – recycle old weather script.

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Downloadable Weather Script:

NEW_Weather Script_Format-2b3u7jw
Click below for current weather temps in Laurel, Maryland

WBAL 7 Day Weather Forecast Map for Show —- this is the one!

Copy today’s 7 Day Forecast Snapshot graphic into today’s #MHTVNews PPT!

NOAA Home Page – local weather forecasts, radar and reports from The Weather Channel

Local News Bits

Below is a helpful template to use to submit a local news announcement on MHTV.

As this is a job for kid, we cannot guarantee emailed announcements.  Thank you!

We ask you to please:

• Type the message in 16 pt. Size
• Please do not give us a list of kids names  – our kiddos can’t read them and mispronounced student names create hurt feelings on both sides.
• Keep it short –2-3 sentences
• Do not repeat your message. Again, please do not repeat your message. It’s super annoying. We had a problem with this years ago, I think we’ve beaten it by now. I repeat, this used to be a thing, let’s pray that it has gone away for good. Heh heh heh See? Isn’t that annoying?

PLEASE Print & PLACE your Local News Announcement in the folder corresponding to the day you want the news item aired (or the first day) on the door of the TV studio where it says LOCAL NEWS. Last minute submissions will be accepted only if the show has not started yet.  NOTE: PTA or Admin submissions may be electronic.

Music Directors:

Notes to Music Director: Always pick the classical Monday song the week BEFORE…
For Modern songs or Requests: Don’t forget to check lyrics for language (no f-bombs, sh-words or b words!) and content (no drinking, drugs, overt sex – meaning: stuff your Gramma would slap you for if she heard YOU say it, sexist, demeaning, or prejudicial terms) ALL songs must ultimately have a good & positive message! That’s how we roll! Yeah, we’re not too street, because we strive to be uplifting.

MHTV Music on GSuite

(Does Google deny you access? Did you log onto your Google Drive first? Still a No Go? Ask Ms. Jones or Mr. Dunbar to share this with  you)

Need to Check the Lyrics?
Wanna download a new song from iTunes for the MHTV iPod? Ask Ms. Jones at least a day ahead not the same day-or 5 min before showtime! LOL
DID WE PLAY it already? Can’t think of a song? In a hurry? Check the Archive & go back a year or two.

What’s for Lunch?

At the start of the month, look up and print out (LANDSCAPE) the Lunch Menu for MHMS & place on the Local News desk. Thank you!

Example Story & Writing Tips:
external image psu_lemony_snicket_3k_bw_10_t640.jpg?a6ea3ebd4438a44b86d2e9c39ecf7613005fe067Producers – Keep it short, print in 18pt size Times Roman – make the headline catchy & bold –
Don’t just copy & paste – edit for readability, understanding, relevance, and make it Teen friendly!
Snicketize words when needed! IE: Lemony Snicket would write -“ Rickety: “the word rickety, you probably know, here means unsteady or likely to collapse”;

#3 of How to Write Like Lemony Snicket— This helps to build our kiddos vocabulary!

EASY way to do this – highlight the word on the page & copy it and write this:
Original Word ,which means here (Paste Word and highlight) – Go up to TOOLS in MS Word & Choose Thesaurus – now choose the best of the offerings or two! INSERT! See below:

Photo Credit

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(View the full size graphic)

Since 2009 #MHTVNews has been a partner with our friends at Flocabulary to bring us Hip Hop Education and Current Events for our daily news program! We LOVE them!

This is the LINK for WEEK In Rap or click banner above. Make sure the head tech brings up the vid on the show computer & preload for smooth playback. Login: thedaringlibrarian ask me or Dubar for our sneaky studio  password.   Week in Rap Script:

Use the MHTV Week in Rap script & add your fav 3 most trending news items
that they covered in the rap – & add a timely comment.

MHMS Featured on the Week in Rap!!!!! 2013~ AND on their FLOCABULARY BLOG!
Watch the Video! Bask in the AWESOME! Celebrate being a Murray Hiller!


MHTV Application: GSuite Version 

PDF Version: MHTV Crew Application

Or download from my Slideshare above!

Producer Checklist

MHTV Questions to Ask TV Studio Kiddos

Questions to ask Before Show

By 7:55 am

  • Write or assign national news story use our links above

Things to keep in mind:

  • Write it kid friendly language

  • Use thesaurus Word or Google feature to replace unknown words

  • Half page limit – have exec producer (Ms. Jones or Mr. Dunbar to proof it) then print it out and put it on the national desk.

  • Direct HT (head tech) or weather person to start weather script.

  • Remind them to use our weather template & wiki weather graphic links.

By 8:10 am

• Make sure weather is done and printed –Very Important!

• Make sure HT has finished weather slide in the daily PPT

• Make sure the HT has put in the graphic to go with the national news story or found video

• Help the national news anchor practice the script, correcting mispronunciations if necessary

• Find the song for today on the Music calendar on Google Doc, cue it up on the iPod, & put the song name & artist into the PPT

By 8:15 am

• Everything should be done by now and all is left is practice – don’t freak! LOL

• If any on-air talent hasn’t shown up by now RECRUIT quickly

• Help anyone who hasn’t finished their job yet

By 8:20 am Start the MUSIC!

By 8:25 am Start the SHOW! (or when bell rings)

• You can start the music before the slides go up but fade music & go to show

After the show:

• Congratulate your crew members on their efforts!

• Go over good things first, and then go over areas that need improving

• Congratulate yourself! Good job, producer!!

Clean up! • Turn off the “hot lights” – studio lights, turn off the show TV monitor

Teachers: I hope you found this page helpful – feel free to Tweet me if you have any other suggestions! Feel free to also copy & paste any of this for your TV Studio   Creative Commons Share Alike – just please don’t forget the Attribution! Thank you! ~Gwyneth Jones

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