Our Mission:
It is our mission to prepare future-ready lifelong readers, learners, makers, and creative thinkers. The goal of the Murray Hill Middle School Library Media program is to ensure that our students leave our school as civil, competent, critical, and ethical users and producers of ideas and information.   We want to empower literaInfo_Lib_Sherpate and transliterate citizens who are able to determine their information needs and who can recognize and verify relevant and credible information. We want to nurture creative constructivist thinkers who can solve problems and effectively communicate results of their inquiry and research, and share their stories.

We understand the importance of sharing with audiences beyond our school walls and the benefit of creating a positive digital footprint.

We strive to model our school’s shared core values: respect, excellence, integrity, and community.

Instruction, formal and informal, provides students with a process transferable across subject areas and from academic to real life. The bulk of the learning is “laboratory style” with students involved in guided, inquiry-driven research using resources in all formats: traditional, new, and emerging.*

Our Staff:

Our Libary Staff:  Gwyneth A. Jones – aka The Daring Librarian  Teacher-Librarian & Technology Specialist. DL_Sitting_OpenSmileR25+ years teaching in Howard County &  was part of the opening team in 1997 of Murray Hill Middle School. Also known as, The Daring Librarian, Ms Jones is a blogger, a Tweeter, an International Ed Tech keynote speaker, trope and meme archivist, creator of content, a citizen of advocacy, and a resident of social media. Gwyneth is a Google Certified Innovator, a PBS / MPT American Graduate Champion, and the author of the award winning The Daring Librarian blog.

In recognition of being a change agent in her field, Ms. Jones was named an Innovator and a Mover & Shaker by Library Journal Magazine, a Gale/Cengage New Leader, and the Best of the Best and a Visionary Leader by Teacher Librarian Magazine. She was honored to have been elected twice to the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Board of Directors globally representing  all PK-12 educators, classroom teachers, and school librarians. Her work & writings have been featured in the New York Times, NEA Today Magazine, Information Today Magazine, The Washington Post, and the Huffington Post. Admittedly, she’s also a goofball, a geek, and ridiculously humble.

Kathi_Avatar15Ms. Kathi Bell – Library Media (part time) Assistant – 9+ years with MHMS & a wonderful asset to our school library, now sadly due to budget cuts, works one period a day and as a volunteer in the mornings. But to quote Tim Gunn of Project Runway, we’re going to “Make it work!”

Our Goals:

The Murray Hill Library Media Program will:

  • Strive to prepare students to become daring, independent, confident, and lifelong readers and learners.
  • Foster information literacy and transliteracy skills by teaching students to search, locate, select, evaluate, curate, create, verify, and present information.
  • Create an atmosphere that promotes creativity, making, and creation.
  • Prepare students to become ethical users and creators of information in all its forms.
  • Excellence is our standard.
  • “Learning Happens Here” is our motto!

Hours of Operation – 8:00 am – 3:15 pm, Monday-Friday

Students can come to the Library Media Center to exchange & check out books  ANY day and ANY time as long as they have teacher permission & a signed agenda book. (The Media center is closed ONLY during academic testing, administrative meetings, & for zombie attack.)
Check-out Details:

  • Students may check out up to two books for up to three weeks and can renew books at anytime.  However, students may have more books if needed for a special project or assignment – you just need to ask! 🙂
  • Students may check out up to two reference books for 3 weeks the same as any other book. But also, don’t forget our awesome electronic databases!
  • Students may check out one audio Playaway digital book or set of CD Audio disks at a time
  • The official HCPSS stance is: Students with overdue books cannot check out new books until their account is reconciled. But at MHMS we will rarely refuse to give a kid a book if they want or they need one. We also don’t charge overdue fees but we really do want to foster responsibility and accountability. So, we will charge to replace a book if it’s damaged beyond repair or lost. Off the record though, we’d rather have the books back than the money! So please keep trying to find those lost books for the next kid & community member to enjoy.

MHMS Media Center Procedures:
Because the MHMS Community values the resources provided by our Media Center, the following procedures are expected so that all may use and enjoy the Media Center:

When entering by yourself or in a small group:

  • Check in with either Ms. Jones or Ms. Bell showing your signed agenda book or pass and let us know if you need any help.
  • Ask permission before using a computer for any reason other than the PAC, Canvas, Synergy or GAfE.
  • Directions on how to print your homework from GAfE are posted at every computer station.
  • HCPSS AUP says no free Google searching on the Internet or checking personal email allowed at any time in a middle school. However, you may work with Google Apps at any time and print out homework or assignments.

Because we want to help as many people as possible, all people should:

  • Use quiet voices when in the Media Center if students are taking a test or if we’re researching.
  • Louder voices are OK if we’re brainstorming and doing a hands-on activity connected with teaching, creating, & learning- then some boisterous but productive chaos is all good!
  • Maintain safety at all times (no running, tipping on chairs, pushing, etc. unless we’re filming a lip dub, doing a fashion show, or creating a cool project – be careful, no stunt doubles are provided!)
  • Use the materials with care and respect – they’re community property.
  • Treat other students and teachers with civility, care, and respect. No shady boots! This respect is expected both in person and online. If you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, don’t say it online. Think before you post. Ask yourself before posting: Is it kind? Is it true? Would you want it said to you? What you say online never really goes away, and I will show your posts to your Grandma if I need to!
  • Observe the MHMS Expectations as you would anywhere in our school.

MHMS kiddos, thank you for your part in making our Library Media Center an information learning commons a place for creativity! We are a 24/7 library providing research database, homework help, & tech help online. We hope to give help, inspiration, and encouragement our kids, parents, and the community.  For a partial collection of online resources click on the banners below!

twitter-follow-achiever.jpgCheers & always feel free to contact us!
@GwynethJones – gwyneth_jones(at)@hcpss(dot).org
The Daring Librarian

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Highlights from our MHMS Learning Wiki! 

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* Mission statement adapted & inspired by Dr. Joyce Valenza







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  • September 26, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    the library is really cool I checked out to new books today and Ms.Jones always give me a scent bookmark which is cool and Mrs. Bell is really nice . Mrs. Bell makes sure the book is right for me.

  • September 30, 2014 at 1:19 pm

    Aww Kayan!
    Thank you for your kind comment! So glad we could help you get get some cool books to read! And we’re happy you like our scratch and sniff bookmarks! Please come back and visit us again soon! Mornings before MHTV are the best right now as we’re DEEP in the middle of MAP standardized testing 🙂
    YOUR Daring Librarian!

  • January 27, 2016 at 2:01 pm

    Hey this is Owen I miss u guys🤑

  • January 27, 2016 at 8:33 pm

    Hi Owen! I remember you! You had such a bright personality and you were so funny! Come back and visit sometime! Cheers! Ms. Jones

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