With the sad demise of our MHMS Tech Wiki – I’m bringing over the most used & requested tech info!

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Quick Link: How to Reset a Student Password

– or get one for a New Student! Login with your Active Directory network login & the below link will only work on the HCPSS network (step by step directions below)
——–>> https://secure.hcpss.org/accounts

School Year: 2017-18: The Password Matrix is Broken.

So, for years we had a student Matrix combination to help kids choose a password. This helped the teachers so that they could easily prompt them when they invariably forgot, and it worked pretty well. Not so much now. Esp. for some 8th graders.
5 Steps for a More
Password-Yellow-Lock_1.jpgSecure Student Password
Suggested by our HCPSS Data Architect & Security Manager

Password Directions:
To create a new password, you’re going to choose a random 2 word combination with at least one word capitalized, and adding a number – for example: sillyDoor5, TragicUnicorn77, or Fancy4Foot
(But don’t use these! LOL)
1. Have students go to Random Adjective List Generator
Have students click on the Blue REFRESH button to get another list
Pick 1 adjective that’s easy for you to remember and spell
2. Have students go to Random Noun List GeneratorPick 1 noun
Have students click on the Blue REFRESH button to get another list
Pick 1 noun that’s easy for you to remember and spell
3. Combine the 2 words -BONUS: if they make you laugh, it’s even better to remember!
EX: fancypenguin (don’t use that one!)
4. Make a letter (or two!) in the combo a capital letter: EX: fancyPenguin
5. Add a number at the end, beginning, or in the middle EX: fancyPenguin5 or EX: FancyPenguin5
Going to How Secure is my Password testing reveals that
It would take a computer about
415 million years
to crack your password
COOL FACT: At any time, you or a student can their password:
(as long as they remember their old one!)
Go to hcpss.me and select Change Password at the bottom
Students will need to add: @inst.hcpss.org after their username

ON A MAC & See this?
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Technology Help Desk

410-313-7004 –– with NEW Menu Options! (Thanks Ms. Byrd!)

  • #1 Login/Password Help
  • #2 Synergy
  • #3 Canvas(London)
  • #4 Computer Repair
  • #5 Telecenter Admin
  • #6 Audio/Visual
  • #7 Employee Online Support
  • #8 Smartfind
  • #9 Teachscape ?
  • #0 All Other Calls

Do you have a new device? Cool! You are required to registerit online at the HCPSS Assigned Technology Device Agreement page. Thank you!

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DVD Player there’s a fix to make it work in iTunes!

NEW EXCITING TIMES! When you have a question & if I’m not available, Google “Macbook Air _” somebody has surely asked it before and can be found, usually with pictures, on the aethernets! Remember, I’m learning along with you! I DID find out how to add my beloved STICKIES to the dock.


Screenshot Power!

How to take a screenshot of any MAC 2 easy ways!
Take the whole screen – everything by pressing keys in order Command > Shift + 3
Take a selected part of the screen by pressing keys in order Command > Shift + 4 — then use the mouse or trackpad to draw a square around what you want captured.
Image will end up on your desktop & you can drag it into iPhoto to crop & manipulate
OR… Go to PicMonkey.com and drag it into Edit a Photo to crop, resize, enhance, & write text over it! PicMonky is made of Win!

Desktop Docs & Folders & Why They Are Evil

Symptom: Slow Computer & Spinning Beach Ball of Doom
Another issue: having too much work or folders on your desktop. If your desktop has more than 500mgs of folders, docs, ppt’s
it will have major operating issues. Slow to load webpages, slow start applications, the spinning beach ball frozens screen issue.
Best to only keep a few current folders / docs on the desktop & place all others into your DOCUMENTS folder.

That will make your laptop happy & run more consistently for ya!



Keyboard Changes for Windows Users


STAGING & Long Term Sub FAQ from Technology Logistic Center

What does Technology Logistics Center provide?

  • Processing new technology Purchase Orders below the count of 10 units. Large orders go to our subcontractor, DNI.
  • Asset tracking in CID
  • Long Term Sub laptop kit distribution
  • Paraeducator iPad Minis deployment
  • Refurbishing returning laptops for redeployment

Who is the Logistics Center?

  • Logistics Center is the Warehouse. Logistics Center was a new name instituted in 2015.
  • Logistics Center is now located in Elkridge, MD.

Can I use sharpies and/or stickers on new equipment?

  • No. Do not mark laptops, tablets, and power cables with permanent markers or stickers.

Can a teacher take the assigned laptop from one school to another when transferring?

  • Yes, if the same teacher will be using the laptop.

Can a long-term sub take the assigned laptop to another sub assignment or school?

  • Yes, if the same sub will be using the laptop.

Can I save a long-term sub laptop for another sub?

  • No, laptops should be returned after the sub assignment is finished.

When does the LTSub turn in their laptop kit?

  • At the end of the current SmartFind assignment.
  • If the sub is starting another assignment fairly quickly, information should be given to Clara Casey.

Do I need to notify anyone of the laptop transfer?

  • Transfers can be done in CID by the Media Specialist, or
  • Emailing Jim Bageant or Clara Casey about the transfer request.
  • Once a device is returned to the Logistics Center, it is verified in CID as being received at the Warehouse (WHSE).

Can I give a laptop or tablet from an outgoing teacher to an incoming teacher?

  • No, laptops and Paraeducator iPad Minis cannot be shared between users. This is for data confidentiality and security purposes.
  • Laptops and Paraeducator iPad Minis should be returned to Clara Casey @ Logistics Center by submitting a Staging>Return ticket. Once returned, the equipment is then cleaned, reimaged, and given out to another user.

What do I do when a teacher retires or leaves HCPSS with their technology Equipment?

  • Laptops and Paraeducator iPad Minis need to be returned to the Logistics Center by submitting a Staging>Return ticket.
  • iPhones should be returned to the Telecommunications Dept.

What do I do with a regular size iPad when turned in?

  • Regular size iPads have been distributed by the different departments, i.e., special education, kindergarten, business department, etc. They should be returned to the department they were issued from.
  • Regular sized iPads do not come back to the Logistics Center.

Submitting Help Desk tickets

  • Returning Equipment: Staging > Return
    • For laptops, desktops, and Paraeducator iPad Minis.
    • Requesting a new employee laptop or Paraeducator iPad Minis: Staging > New > Technology Purchase
      • During the school year, the school has to request for a new employee.
      • Only during August is technology given a list of new employees.
      • Requesting a long term sub laptop (more than 2 weeks): Staging > Loaner > Long Term Sub
        • Data needed for all long-term subs: Start date, End date, SmartFind number, Name of sub, Name of teacher subbing for, and School.
        • Short-term subs do not get issued a laptop.
        • At this time, Technology is not providing loaner laptops for when computers are being repaired.