Writing Quality Comments

For Kiddos, Teen Guests, & Everyone!

When writing quality comments on a blog, there’s a couple things to keep in mind:

1.  Give a greeting – Say Hello! How You Doin? Hi or Hey!

2.  Give a compliment about the post: eg, “I enjoyed reading your post.”

3.  Add factual information if you can e.g. if someone has written a post about the MHTV studio, you might add a comment like, “We really like to use The Week in Rap website (or BBC America, The Washington Post, Library of Congress, History Channel, Channel One, etc.) for our TV shows” Sharing what you care about if generous and starts a conversation.

4.  Make a connection e.g. if you are reading a post about a school library, special event, or technology tip, you might write, “We also have a TV studio in our school and we are weather nerds, too!”  PLEASE NOTE: Constructive criticism is OK, as long as it’s phrased politely. Comments that are hating or rude will not be published. If we have a typoe though,  (heh heh typoe! get it?) please let us know. We don’t want to look doofusy with spelling & grammar. Nope, that’s not cool!

5.  Ask a question e.g. “What is your favourite book or iPad app?”


7. Sign off using your First name only.

You can also add:  Your grade and your school

Have fun!




This page was totally stolen and adapted from the amazing Christchurch New Zealand classroom blog 8C Happenings

by Bridget Compton-Moen @BridgetLCM