An Animated Library Orientation Daring Library Media Orientation Animation by gwyneth

If you want to learn more about how to create your own animations,  visit my Animation Studios & Sites Wikipage for all kinds of links, articles, blog postings, directions, comic tutorials, & more!
AnimationStudiosWikiW.jpgOn that wikipage you’ll find information about Go!Animate (as shown in this posting) also, Blabberize, ToonDoo, Xtranormal, and more! ALL with Comic Life Comic Tutorials to help you learn how to make your very own animations. Kids: some of these sites require you to sign up for them, if you’re under 13 please ask your parents before registering. Hey! Even better, grab your Mom or Dad & why not learn animation together!
Research Databases & Homework Help

As mentioned in the orientation don’t forget to use our Research Databases for your homework & out of classroom needs! It feels like cheating, but it’s not! Beam Me Up Databases! by gwyneth


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