April 18

Charging Lockers & BYOD

The MHMS Library Media Center has a cool new feature! BYOD Charging Lockers – so you can securely charge, store, & retrieve your electronic devices!

Still the same small print: Your Device, Your Responsibility.

But it’s super cool – like a hotel room safe you enter a 4 digit code of your choice, lock, and then put in that same code to unlock!

But don’t forget your 4 numbers – I do have a bypass key but this charging community is going to count on your remembering your numbers. ALL lockers will be opened at the end of the day – any leftover cell phones or tablets will be sold on eBay! This is my retirement plan…Muuwaaaa!

Just kidding. Please remember to take your device home with you.


For more information about these charging lockers check out the Touchboards website or the main LockNCharge website!

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2 thoughts on “Charging Lockers & BYOD

  1. gwynethj (Post author)

    Hi! Thanks for your comment!

    There are 5 lockers and each locking unit has 2 USB Ports and one AC port – so you could (theoretically) have 15 devices charging in 5 lockers at the same time. The unit is expandable, so I could buy 5 more next year & stack them. They also sell a base unit if I didn’t want to use an old metal TV cart! LOL

    Cheers! @GwynethJones – The Daring Librarian

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