January 13

Google+ Hang Out with QR Codes

We had an exciting day last Friday when we used Google+ to hang out with the 2nd grade gifted inclusion kids at Ms. Mensing’s class from Sonoran Sky Elementary in Scottsdale, Arizona! Whew! That’s a mouthful! But these kids were AWEsome! I taught a brief lesson on QR Codes in the Classroom (and Library!) all about where QR Codes came from, how they are different than regular bar codes, and how they are being used all over the world to transmit information like Text Messages, Video, and URL Web links via Mobile Media!

Say What!?
After that my 6th graders in Ms. Torsani’s Math class held up to the camera special QR Voice audio codes & written messages they composed for the kids!  QR Code Voice is a really cool new resource! You just type in a short message (100 Characters) and click and Voila! You get a QR Code that when scanned reads out in a robotic voice your message! Scan the QR code on the left to see what it says! (Download the FREE QR Code APP i-nigma for both iPhone & Android! Click link or search on the App store for i nigma QR)
Ms. Mensing’s kids scanned the codes using both iPod touch generaton 4’s (like we have here at the MHMS Daring School Library!) and iPad 2’s! (we don’t have any of those yet, but I brought mine in!) they were very engaged with the learning and it was a lot of fun!
Ms. Mensing and I became friends when we were both at the Google Teacher Academy this past summer in Seattle Washington.   That’s her next to me & Miss Critter Sharpe (and another teacher friend) She’s the one with the long blonde hair & fabulous pearls! I’m peeking out from behind the sign – NINJA Style! We had a great time learning together and I’m so glad we could use Google+ to hang out with our kids.
Then…this week I got the BEST PRESENT EVER in the mail! A big envelope of drawings & letters from Ms. Mensing’s class! SQUEE!
See ALL the cool pics here!Most were taken by Mrs. Mensing, Thank you for your permission to use them, hon!
Thank you Ms. Mensing & Ms. Torsani for an amazing video chat adventure! We’re gonna have to do that again! Hmmmm next time MATH!???

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21 thoughts on “Google+ Hang Out with QR Codes

  1. Nathan

    Dear Ms. Jones,
    I just read your blog post and I thought it was great! I saw the very letter I wrote to you. That was exciting to see it on the Internet.
    Your friend,

  2. Fathima

    I loove the QR codes that we can scan anytime!
    It was also perfect timing cuz we are making our
    OWN blog. We can comment on yours andget an idea from yours too. PS. I wish I could have inigma on my iPhone 🙁

  3. kyle

    Your blog is cool!!! We are making a blog!!! Visit our blog
    soon!!! Thank you for teaching us about QR Codes.

  4. Sadhana

    Your QR post helped me learn more about QR codes. This blog is the coolest blog I’ve ever seen in my whole life. We are also going to make a blog.

  5. sri

    How did you make this awesome blog? Did you work on this blog alone? We are about to start our on blog.Were you actually in washington when you became friends with Mrs.Mensing?

  6. Katelyn

    I’m glad you liked the picture that I made and your site is amazing. We are starting a blog ourselves.I just love the that you put in pictures of us.

  7. Julian

    I liked you blog because It said about Qr codes. I like
    that you put a lot of pictures so we know what it looks like. I also like how you did a picture of you mrs.mensing
    and someone else. That was really funny.

  8. nathan

    Dear Ms. Jones,
    I really liked this blog post and I am very pleased to see my note on your blog. I think your blog was awesome! Try to contact us again, please. We certainly enjoyed hearing from you.

  9. Nicholas

    I loved the website you made about QR codes. The website had a lot of cool and awsome pictures about us.
    I hope you liked this comment a lot.

  10. Wesley

    I love this blog. I found a picture of me and kyle and I never saw anyone take the photo. I like the photos of me and my classmates. I am Wesley and I am in Ms. Mensing’s class.

  11. Autumn

    Dear Daring Librarian,
    Thanks for putting my picture on your site! You rock!

    I am starting my own blog today am I am super exited!


    p.s. Q.R. codes rock!

  12. Naman

    Your blog is amazing and I also see at least ten pictures of me in your blog. I am also curious to know who took the pictures of us or did you use some kind of shortcut, what is it because I am curious to know about it. You know a lot about blogging because I can see you put all the pictures in and did other extraordinary things on this.

    We are teaching highschool kids how to speak english and only four are talking but two at a time so first Diya and Katelyn then second Julian and me and by the way my name is Naman and that is the end of my comment.

  13. Ethan

    Wow, this is cool stuff! I was planning on making my own QR Code. I will use it for a lot of things! Do you ever use Scratch? I do and sometimes I create games on it. I recently made a MLK Trivia Game on Scratch. Good work on your blog!

  14. Harshdeep

    Thanks for showing the class your blog. you rock!

    I am going to make a blog right now.

    Maybe I am going to chat with you guys soon.


  15. Suparna

    Dear Ms. JONES,
    How many people do you have in your class? Is it really hard how to teach them? Plus thank you for teaching me QR codes. I really liked the slide show.
    Plus I really liked you blog post, it is really good.

    From, Suparna

  16. gwynethj (Post author)

    Hi Suparna!
    It depends on the day! Some days we have a small group of 6th graders and other days we have LOTS of 8th graders! And some days we have a small group of kids taking tests so we have to be VERY QUIET…that’s hard for me! (I have a big mouth!) LOL Every day is different and that’s one of the MANY reasons I love being The Daring Librarian in a Middle School!
    ~Ms. Jones

  17. gwynethj (Post author)

    Have you made that blog yet, Harshdeep!? I’d LOVE to see it! YAY You…ps. I think you & your class, rocks, too!
    ~Ms. Jones

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